About Natural Curly Hair Haven

Meet Dixie Burke, owner of Natural Curly Hair Haven
  1. Who should come to Natural Curly Hair Haven?

Natural Curly Hair Haven is a salon dedicated to all types of curly hair. We welcome clients who wish to wear their hair natural and chemical free, as well as anyone who would like to strip their hair from chemicals and transition to natural curls.

In addition to helping you rediscover your curls, we also offer treatments and products to help maintain and lock in curly moisture. We specialize in Deva Curly Dry Cuts which are the perfect way to shape curly hair without altering the length.

  1. What makes Natural Curly Hair Haven special?

Learning how to deal with naturally curly hair is a craft that comes with time. And, like all crafts, dealing with curly hair takes skill and dedication.  Natural Curly Hair Haven is a place where we address all curly hair needs, starting with professional advice on curl type, haircut, products and styling. Because curls are at the core of our salon, the results are always amazing, and that is what makes Natural Curly Hair Haven special.

  1. Describe the Natural Curly Hair Haven experience in 3 words.

Soothing, moisturizing and glowing!

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Describe your experience. What do you love most about your job?

I started in the hair industry right out of high school through the co-op program and I became licensed in 1997. Growing up I was very shy and being in the salon has helped me open up. What I love most is helping customers transform their hair and making it look healthy inside out. I love being able to get creative with hairstyles.

  1. What products do you use on your clients? What makes them suitable for natural hair?

We use a variety of products but the most important product line is the Deva Curl brand. I personally love this product because you can see beautiful results right after the first use and the more you use it, the healthier the results will be. Deva Curl products are sulfate free, paraben free, silicone free and so are all the products we use at Natural Curly Hair Haven.

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